Can TopSpot SEM Be a Viable Option?

By | July 16, 2017

Otherwise known as SEA (Search Engine Advertising), SEM allows people to display advertisements on search engines. These advertisements are displayed on the results pages according to the typed searches and their display can be optimized using specific geographical criteria, platforms, time of broadcast, the maximum budget allocated, etc. This strategy includes the overall strategy of positioning and overall visibility (SEM – Search Engine Marketing) and completes whatever SEO strategy was designed by TopSpot SEM.

When speaking of paid searches, this term often refers to Google Adwords, but each is governed according to the search engine. Google generates about 93% of searches in the US, which means that most SEA campaigns are conducted exclusively on this network. Paid SEO allows people to take advantage of the sharp increase in the volumes of searches generated by things. This can help position sites immediately, according to its search results, and may help people benefit from the notoriety and the “buzz” effect of the news or article shown.

Do you have an annual budget that allows your company to constantly display advertising results? This strategy allows people to have a presence at all levels of the search results pages, maximizing the chances of the site being visited and repelling the results of any competitors. SEO should be seen as a long or medium-term operation that will be profitable over time. In some cases, this can even be a short-term option if the site already has assets (numerous backlinks, if the website has been up for years, and so on).

If a site is brand new or is being created, it is necessary to do SEO and SEM. The more SEO, the better the chances of prolonging and improving the life of the site. These effects will be visible quickly and will be effective in the long-term. This includes tips on site structure, folders, navigation, etc.). If a person is doing poor with their SEO campaign, he or she can always use patches later or make a new version of the site. But it would be more logical, effective, cheaper and faster to integrate SEO from the beginning, does not it? Sooner or later, every company realizes that the SEO is mandatory if they want to keep their business healthy, especially in this time of financial peril.