Three Tips for Making That Leap from a Micro-Managing Entrepreneur to a Team-Oriented Leader

By | April 24, 2017

Looking to hire an employee? The transition from a micro-managing entrepreneur to an entrepreneur that has a small team is treacherous. The below three mistakes can be more than a little costly. These are the types of things young entrepreneurs learn by making them.

Don’t Hire a Close Friend

Friendships and businesses have fallen apart due to the grave error of hiring a close friend. It may seem like a good idea. It is enticing. But, the friend has a very solid chance of ruining the business due to the fact that they are a little “too close” to the whole arrangement.

Don’t Use Craigslist for Hiring

Craigslist is a really valuable resource in moderation. For certain things, it works like a charm. Looking for a cheap used television? It is the place to go. For many other things, it is an unprofessional cesspool. For one, individuals are likely to spam the job channels with applications in hopes of getting a bite. They send out 50 applications or more using a copy-paste strategy. An entrepreneur is frustrated when a new hire is not loyal, but it shouldn’t be a surprise. They got 30 other potential job offers on the table. Entrepreneurs need focused and targeted efforts through reputable sources, and not the Wild West of Craigslist.

Don’t Try to be Fully Prepared

Just like a lot of things in life, one can never be fully prepared. It is just a fact of life. Young entrepreneurs will still try to be as prepared as they can be. Unfortunately, they end up stagnating. Do not attempt to be fully prepared for something that has too many variables. This is a matter of dealing with other people, after all.

Entrepenuers live and learn. The average millionaire will start at least 20 businesses before they succeed- and that is a promising figure. Most fail the first few times around. Craigslist has a lot of fat that needs to be trimmed, and its all-hands-on-deck popularity may be a detriment. Of course, hiring a friend is also a major potential pitfall. Knowing the above mistakes could help avoid a catastrophe. Visit for more on young business management.